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Faruqi & Faruqi Defeats Motion to Dismiss in Consumer Class Action Against Asahi Beer U.S.A., Inc.

October 16, 2017

On October 16, 2017, United States District Court Judge John A. Kronstadt of the Central District of California denied in its entirety Asahi Beer U.S.A.’s motion to dismiss. The Court sustained plaintiffs’ claims alleging that Asahi Beer misleads consumers into believing its Asahi Super Dry beer is brewed in Japan when the beer is in fact brewed in Canada. F&F’s victory follows its recent success on a motion to dismiss against Craft Brew Alliance, Inc., in which plaintiffs asserted that Kona beer is falsely advertised as brewed in Hawaii when in fact it is brewed on the mainland.   Partners Tim Peter and Ben Heikali are heading this litigation.

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